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About Ellen

Let's Create a Way Forward from Where You are Right Now to the places you imagine you want to go. Learn to unlock and follow your own inner knowledge to help guide you to your next step and highest potential. 

From art and acting to science and systems design; creativity, building and planning have always been part of what I do. Together, we can create a design for the rhythms and routines in your life and find space for inspiration, exploration and play. 

Growing up in New York City, I spent most of my time playing outside in the neighborhood and hanging out in the urban jungle we now call DUMBO.  I was very independent, curious and free.  I spent a lot of time acting in plays and skits, and singing - mostly for fun.  My two favorite things where my radio and the cassette tape recorder my father gave me for my 10th birthday.  I loved listening to music for hours and losing myself in my imagination.  I always believed in magic.

A few years ago, I found myself saying that all my landmarks had fallen away out of sight and I was finding my way like a ship's captain in the darkness, using the stars.  I knew I was in a moment of uncharted territory and for the first time in my life I trusted that the satisfying answers could only come from within. I drew on my long standing meditation practice and a deep desire to play and enjoy beauty and art. I turned on the radio, something clicked inside me. I started to dance and all the fear and hesitation melted away. I began to art journal and garden again. I started to make play a cornerstone of my day. 

I had been an entrepreneur, a project manager, tech consultant, builder, and business owner. I was very comfortable organizing peoples lives and projects. I loved creating and recreating my own life, traveling, deepening my understanding of mysticism. I had been successful reinventing and manifestating, but it wasn't until I had my Groundhog Day moment, when I realized the real key to happiness for me was to help others, to serve others, that I found my calling to help people design their lives on a much deeper level.