Personal Coaching


Private Sessions Fee $125

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Coaching provides a supportive space to work things out, a partner to walk(or run) along side of you as you find your way around the bends, forks, and blind-spots on you life’s journey. Any kind of problem can be met with coaching.

Coaching is a way to access our unconscious motivations and unquestioned assumptions in order to sort through circumstances and the stories we tell ourselves. Unlike advice or therapy, coaching’s focus is on designing our lives in the present moment.

With coaching we embrace our natural rhythms and routines to balance ourselves while we employ a growth mindset towards achieving our goals and getting unstuck. Ultimately, coaching frees us to stay present in the moment and respond creatively and clearly as we build and track our way forward towards our goals and self realization.

As a Certified Wayfinder coach, I provide support, presence, perspective and play in order to access the experiences you may be resistant or blind to, bringing them out into the open, like laying out the pieces of big, beautiful puzzle. Wayfinders guide, pointing out pathways, best practices in unfamiliar terrain and revealing tracks, like breadcrumbs, leading us to our desires. Revealing the way.

Don’t go it alone. Have a free consultation. With coaching you can connect and create a space in which to work out challenges in a way that feels like a release, a revelation, an infusion of energy that was previously tied up in circular thinking or simple misjudgment.